At first I thought he was lying about his name. Because I didn’t know how to speak Korean, I asked “What’s your name?” to Jr. then he answered “JYP”. From then, I didn’t talk to him.

Jackson Wang. credits to @0309yes (via fuckyeahgot7)

best omona goes to……..

best omona goes to……..


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baekyeol and that one plushie

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come back to me, it’s almost easy


10-11/500 b&w edit of Park Chanyeol.

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I'm a Best Friend

Hi, I'm Mandee!
I'm a certified GOD-LOVER, belieber, kpoper, and most of all, a BEST FRIEND and a LITTLE MONSTER. I love LADY GAGA so much. To see her in person is more than enough for me. But if I could have a talk with her, I can die with a smile on my face. Whenever I hear people insult her, I wouldn't hesitate to confront them and insult them and their idols. I don't care if they'll get mad at me or even hurt me. It's fine, cuz I'll hurt them too. So, don't YOU dare insult her in a way that I would know you did, cuz I'll NEVER stop insulting and hurting you until you take back your words.

Woah, I don't mean to scare you all, I meant to scare those effin anti-GAGA. Anyway, if you follow me, surely, I'll follow you back.

Remember, co-LITTLE MONSTERS, MOTHER MONSTER loves us so much than we do love her! Let's always support Lady Gaga in the best way we can!

I also love BOYFRIEND so much! oh yeah!! the six of them!! they are so cute!! I'm a certified BESTFRIEND! MINWOO♥! YOUNGMIN♥! KWANGMIN♥! are my biases of BOYFRIEND!! But that doesn't mean I only love the three of them! I LOVE THEM ALL! I don't really like DongWoo (donghyun + minwoo), because i like YoungMinwoo (youngmin + minwoo)so much more! Or it can also be KwangMinwoo (kwangmin + minwoo)! Or for short, JoWoo (jo twins + minwoo)!!

Thank you and FOLLOW ME XD!!